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The Global Family Legal Services office in Tubac is temporarily closed to the public until further notice due to the recommendation of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please contact us by phone or email as we are serving our clients and the public remotely.

Thank you.

Take care and stay safe.

Your Family's Right Choice for Legal Services

At Global Family Legal Services (GFLS), we are committed to provide access to justice via high-quality, low-cost legal services. Our mission is to provide the best legal guidance and assistance available. We support your dream to live in confidence and to work without fear. Our nonprofit, publicly-supported program of legal counseling, advocacy, and education is dedicated to bringing about a more compassionate and cooperative world.

Celinas Ruth, managing attorney, works with a dedicated volunteer staff. Serving your legal needs is what we do best. Nothing gets overlooked when we're on the case. Through educational community presentations and working with like-minded attorneys, we have a network that offers affordable legal representation to many areas of Arizona, other states, and internationally. Over the past 16 years since GFLS began serving the community, we have evolved from a faith-based program to a tax exempt 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation in March 2017. Our office is supported by grants and donations.

Consider donating to us today to help us expand our network, compensate more staff, and increase our service for those in need of legal assistance.

Your tax deductible donation helps us to expand our network, and increases our ability to serve those in need of legal assistance.

Our legal services reflect your family's needs.

Fees are based on ability to pay; appropriate referrals to outside service organizations and attorneys are made as necessary.

Attorney at Law

Celinas Ruth

Celinas Ruth has practiced law since 1986 in California and since 1997 in Arizona. She has served clients from 39 countries. Celinas has been a public speaker on legal rights and comprehensive immigration reform on radio, television and at many community meetings. Her legal expertise includes U.S. Immigration and Consular Processing (including waivers, U visas, VAWA, religious worker visas, and naturalization); contracts, nonprofit organizations, and copyright law.

Core Staff

Jahlandon Eden

Legal Assistant

Our most recent legal assistant who has experience as a social worker with a BA in Psychology/Social Science from Pennsylvania State University. He has worked with Habitat For Humanity and as an agricultural volunteer in Arizona, West Virginia, Virginia, and California as well as working in a program in Philadelphia, PA for developmentally challenged adults and in a respite program for caregivers of Alzheimer's patients.

Savijaveh Wonson

Legal Assistant

A graphic artist and member of the staff of Global Change Media, a nonprofit media organization. She is joining the GFLS legal staff part-time to be trained in and assist our work in the area of intellectual property, i.e., copyrights, trade names, and trademarks. GFLS has done a significant number of copyright filings throughout each year.

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Phone: 520-398-3388
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Office Location

In Tubac and by phone and virtual visit

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